Jerry Laktonen

Welcome to my web site, I hope you will enjoy viewing my art pieces whether they are near replicas or more contemporary pieces based on traditional elements. I am having fun making Alutiiq art, and I hope this site brings you some of that enjoyment and spirit.

Kodiak is a very beautiful place, and can vary from sunny green emerald to gray cold, and fierce in her beauty. I would like to show you the art made by my ancestors who were nurtured and inspired by this wonderful place. I have had the pleasure of growing up there, and raising my family there. I have lived off the land and have enjoyed all of Kodiak's moods and faces. My family descends from the same people who made the art pieces, and, as a matter of fact, lived in beauty, decorating everything in their lives.

I hope you also further research Alutiiq culture, and enjoy the same awe I have experienced.

Ordering Masks and Paddles

Because each mask and paddle is hand carved, no two of them are exactly alike. Nor is there a warehouse filled with a stock of them . It is best for you to order by directly contacting me. Email is excellent because I am often away from my studio, at shows and markets. But you may also call me at 1(360) 691-7772 regarding an order, or to get a price quote for something you are interested in.

Selected Art
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